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Discover Sursee

City Tours Sursee
Visit Sursee and discover what's new - or unfamiliar to you - in this city that is both historic and modern!

In the middle of a dynamic, constantly evolving region, Sursee has retained much of its amazing historical identity. lts old town is rich in attractions and offers a wealth of surprising features from a history that dates back more than 700 years.

The ancient city hall and marketplace in late gothic style, the parish church of St George, the ossuary chapel of St. Martin, three convent cloisters, the lower gate with the old sharpshooters' house, and the prison tower for thieves and witches - all have been carefully restored over the past four decades. As part of a guided tour, some of them can also be visited inside.

On a tour of the city you also can get impressions of the architectural redesign of the past few years, for which Sursee was awarded the Wakker Prize* in 2003.

*The Wakker Prize is awarded by the Swiss Heritage Society (SHS) and honors political communities in Switzerland, for exemplary townscape protection.

Guided Tours for hooked Groups
Guided ToursDurationPrice per group
Tour of the town
Tour of the old town and parts of the new town, visiting historic and modern buildings.
1 1/2 HourFr. 165.00
Tour of the City Hall and the old town
Tour of the late gothic City Hall and Marketplace and a short stroll through the old town.
1 HourFr. 110.00

Of Current lmportanceDurationPrice per group
Without water, nothing works...
During this city tour, you will learn how and where life-giving water was directed into the town, how sensibly water for drinking and for other uses flowed separately into town and how the fountains had not only a practical, but also a political and symbolic importance.
Brochure: "Ohne Wasser läuft gar nichts" - Sursee und seine Brunnen (Without water, nothing works " - Sursee and its fountains) Hauenstein Award for fountain design
1 1/2 - 2 HoursFr. 220.00

Combined and Theme ToursDurationPrice per group
Money stories of Sursee
On the trail of treasure, of thieves and crooks, counterfeiters, financial regulations
and corruption in old Sursee.
1 1/2 - 2 HoursFr. 220.00
Stories of women from the middle ages to modern times
Walking tour to places that are associated with the history of the women of Sursee.
1 1/2 - 2 HoursFr. 220.00
400 years of Capuchin history in Sursee
Tour through the former convent with church, cloister, refectory and the unique museum of the Swiss Capuchins.
1 1/2 - 2 HoursFr. 220.00
Witchcraft and the plague, the house of ghosts and spooky houses of old Sursee
A special tour of the city with curious, spooky, superstitious and legendary stories. From November through February at 16.30 o'clock (4:30 pm)
1 1/2 - 2 HoursFr. 220.00
How Sursee became a city
An exciting tour through the old city with a visit to the archeological exhibition in the St. Urbanhof museum
1 1/2 - 2 HoursFr. 220.00

More tours on request. We offer these tours in French, ltalian and English, as well as German.

lnhabitants of Sursee as well as schools of all levels receive a discount of 20%.

City of Sursee
c/o Brigitte Geiser
Centralstrasse 9
6210 Sursee

Public tours without preregistration
From May to September
SATURDAY 14:00 o'clock (2:00 p.m.) in front of the city hall in Sursee, no preregistration required!
Cost: Fr. 5.00 per adult; children and adolescents age 16 and under: free

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